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Originally Posted by janeuner View Post
30C -- Typical temp at idle
50C -- Typical temp under load
60C -- Clean you heat sinks with compressed air.
80C -- Maximum steady state temp w/o damage
90C -- Permanent damage
Sitting here with Chrome open, it's CPU 42C, VID 59C, HD 38C

Will report on what it's like in-game.

4 year old Dell Precision M4400 laptop, 4gb RAM, Intel Core Duo CPU T9400 @2.54GHz, 64-bit Vista with a Quadro FX 770M video card running 512mb dedicated video memory, and 1785 shared.

I'm not currently of sufficient funds to go buy a better computer, so playing with my configurations and making do with this is what's on the menu for the foreseeable future. I will definately be wanting something better, and would love to get a better idea of a proper rig capable of both high-quality gaming, as well as high-performance computing (I do GIS for a living and like to have it running at home).

As for my network, I downloaded the wi-fi detector, and found only one other router on my channel, and he's so much weaker on the chart I find it hard to believe he's the cause of my problems. My wireless amplitude to my router shows -45, the other is -90. Can't figure out tonight how to get into my router to switch channels, so I'm leaving that be for now.

Thanks for the tech support.
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