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I found the 800 just OK as far as the rear goes. The front is fine. The roads here are pretty bad and the rear was quite underdamped and undersprung. Unless it was up on the highest preload it wallowed badly in sporty riding - like a BSA with sacked-out dampers. I weigh around 75kg and my daughter is about 45kg - and two-up on the highest preload it bottomed out on the slightest bumps. I put a set of YSS shocks on it and they are much better; bit firmer but no wallowing and pillioning takes the 2nd preload out of four. I'm used to the basic suspension on Brit twins so I wasn't expecting anything particularly supple but the rears were a disappointment.

Mine has the EFI bug (light comes on when you start it and it has to be reset by turning the bike off again and restarting, occasionally several times in a row) but I haven't taken it in for the fix as yet. There hasn't been a reliable cause discovered yet - O2 sensor on the crossover pipe or a sticking pressure activated lever on the left of the throttle body seem to be the most common. The only other problem my local dealer has had out of 30 or more bikes sold was a chipped bevel gear which was replaced under warranty. Quite a few of the Australian bikes have had the EFI glitch, but bikes built from Feb 2012 have a few minor changes and it appears to have been fixed.

The other thing I did to mine was cut off those wire safety loops on the side-stand and the rear brake. I couldn't get my toe or heel on the stand tab easily and the brake one just looked silly. BTW, if you want to adjust the height of the rear brake lever there is a metal tang it rests on near the footrest which you can bend to give the desired placement.
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