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sexy, safe gear for women

So I'm a total noob. I brought a used Joe Rocket jacket, shoei full face (gift from bf), gaerne boots, draggin jeans and some gloves on sale from a harley/truimph dealership. I aspire to better gear as I've been riding for about six months and want to stick with it through the rainy season (want to replace my car with a motorcycle but gotta try a rainy season first). My bf really likes/owns the Aerostitch Roadcrafter. I like the safety factor of it but the Michelin man profile leaves me cold. I'm not a sport bike rider (mine is an '84 Honda Shadow 500 -- beginning bike) but I'd kinda like to look sexy, sporty whilst enjoying all the utilitarian ideals of temperature proof, water proof riding (knowing that no suit is perfect for all climates...I'd probably avoid the high temps as I live in Northern CA). In short, are there any rugged touring suits that look good on women? Any help appreciated. During the week only commuting but more fun/distance on weekends!

Update: 10/5/12
Thank you so much to all of you for the replies (Big shoutout to PhoenixGirl, very helpful, thanks!). I am still wrestling with the sexy vs. safe. I am getting to the point where I don't care about sexy as much, unfortunately, because I feel like there just isn't the option out there that will keep you dry and look good doing it. I did see 1 posting of a scantily clad lady...I thought she was dressed quite sexily but her "gear" didn't quite cover enough to qualify as safe. I'm considering the Olympia or perhaps Rukka at this point (big price point difference...not sure if Rukka is in the budget). Thanks again!

Update: 10/10/12
Ordered a two piece Road Crafter. They are actually doing women's sizes on the pants now. But since this portion of their line is so new their only sizer in my size was out (smallest they do right now is size 8). So I'm trying a men's size. I did manage to get a discounted jacket in my size from the sale site (worn for a modelling shoot). I was going to get the Transit suit but after reading reviews that they might not be able to repair it (they are currently contracting with a local cobbler) and talking to their rep who confirmed that they might not be able to repair it despite it not being "totalled" in the typical sense (usually when the repairs would cost half the value of the suit) I opted to go with their tried and true line the roadcrafter. The Rukka was just too damn expensive. So I admit defeat and leave you with this new tagline made up specially for the keeps your sexy for another day!!

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