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I noticed several weak points of the bikes, as I helped work on a bunch of them over 2 weeks. I cant leave a bike stranded along the road, I'll always try to get it running again

harley JD's, valves and generators. about 1/2 the guys were running 6v lantern batteries, as the gennys must really suck on those bikes. almost no one semed to have a working charging system by the 1/2 way point. they'd carry a spare battery, when the bike stopped running, they'd swap in a new one.

I think 47? valves were reworked in sturgis while I was at the shop working on my bike

bmw's, they did really good, as I expected they would. Darryl was blowing head gaskets, even burned a hole in his pants from it. he told me he fixed it by stacking 2 gaskets

Joe Gimple broke the valve lifter 2 or 3 times? then he replaced them with newer bolts, I think he was fine after that

I dont know much about the 3rd bmw

hendersons did good, altho I know of a couple motor swaps done, and a couple late night rebuilds along the way. the motor is worth about 20k, so a swap is not a cheap way to go
I know one of em dropped out due to tranny failuer

the 15 indian got alot of work done to it. the 13 Ex & 14 HD ran great, I think the HD had a mag issue along the way

the brit bikes had problems. magnetos and top ends mostly, the JAP had head & clutch problems. it did alot better when he removed the sidecar
I helped to tinker on a few of them.

the indians were about 50/50, I know of 3 that had no real breakdowns, but they were worked on nightly

one from uk lost the bottom end, one from poland, the top end, another guy swapped his motor, & still didnt finish

and my top end, which Im thinking may have been caused by those alloy wrist pin buttons, & running it so hard & all day, that the heat got to them.

did I leave anyone out?

I didnt see what all went on every night, as when I wasnt workin on my bike, I was usually helping someone else out with theirs.

I had alot of fun & learned alot, just my helping on other bikes.

I wanna get a JD now, as I learned to like them, and I know a bit about keeping them running

so if anyone out there hears of one for sale.......
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