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In summary...

Sorry, I was away for the day, and this discussion took off!

Montessa, yes I know. The WRR is 25% of an R-1, which doesn't lend itself well or easily to a WR450R equivalent. You could either "scale it up", which is a new engine, or make a 500cc p-twin (a Yamaha / reliable version of the RXV/SXV). Either would be a DS and not a Race bike - Not a KTM.

Yes, the WRR is a DS. And the KTM is a high spec Race Bike. DS bikes work better a slow to moderate pace. Race bikes work better at a fast pace. How do you ride? The overlap is getting better with the new KTMs, which makes my choice harder, actually. I need a subframe and a high output alternator. (Or a WRR or TE630 or DR).

In the middle for 250cc's - I could add high spec components to a DS bike. Still not light weight - you can't fight mass. But better? I go back and forth: can I make a Silk Purse from a Sow's Ear? With unlimited money, just buy the race bike and do (or pay for) the maintenance. With limited money, how good can you make it? For me the arguement is more critical in a small, high spec street bike (250-400cc), as some of you already know from that thread. With a thumper, the mods seem more worthwhile to me. But that's just me.

So let me ask a question? Can you really upgrade the suspension on a WRR to KTM levels? I guess the answer is yes, and that the limit is money, but I don't know for sure. Then, the KLX-250 has a 351cc kit. The DR650 has a 790 kit. But the WRR only has a 290 Athena kit. Why? I suspect the reason is the R-1 technology from which the WRR engine is derived. Which begs the question: what happens when Kawasaki adds fuel injection to the KLX? And then the next set up is a KTM 350 EXC-F or XC-W.

Freeride lovers, I'm with you, but the lack of a rear subframe to keep weight so low also limits my applications.

Freeride lovers, remember that the orginal 24 hp number for the Freeride has been superceded by KTM. In the UK, they found too many complaints, so they changed the factory tune to 30 hp. So now, think KTM Freeride = 30 hp.

Finally, where is the trickle-down from the 450cc displacement limit in the Dakar classes? [Skip the discussion of BMW X-bikes and Husky 449/511 - they don't cut it anywhere]. Does that leave the KTM 500 EXC / XC-W?

PS. I'm still watching evolving 2-stroke technology. Very promising. But still 3-5 years out, so not of so much interest in discussions like this one.
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