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Cashmere to Ellensburg

Next day, off to Cashmere for the start of the real ride.

First bit of dirt, and a large camp of ferals that had us wondering about what we were heading into.

But 10 miles in, guess who hadn't done their homework.

If I had remembered to check the advrider WABDR thread, I would have known that this section was closed due to a washout. As we didn't know why it was closed we weren't willing to go round the gate.

We headed to the top of the closest hill to check out the first of many stunning views

only to be shocked by the amount of crap left by shooters on the top of the hill. There were many more like this.

As the Wenatchee track seemed to be taking us in the wrong direction (wrong again) we decided to backtrack and try to get back on from the western side. Various tracks were tried without success, ended up back around Cashmere, down the tar on 97 before finally finding a track back on to the WABDR.

Not sure where exactly we rejoined the track, but there was some lovely country.

Then we hit the Table Mountain Ridge, and the views just got better.

Fairly easy riding at this stage, which was good for me, still getting used to the R100GS.

For folks from a flat country like Aus, this is magic.

At Lion Rock lookout we encounter 5 or 6 local boys from Ellensburg who seemed a bit awkward with us around, until finally they came over and said 'do you mind if we shoot a bit?'. As if we are going to say 'yes we do'. They then proceeded to blast the local tree stumps with a shot gun and 9mm pistol. Time for us to leave.

We were also reminded that this was the big US long weekend and Ellensburg has its famous rodeo on, so camping could be an issue.

We start the descent to Ellensburgh.

and see the giant mushrooms being grown here...

Shortly after this, I dropped the bike after putting it on the side-stand on a down-hill slope. Dumb... No real damage, and as no-one photographed it, it didn't really happen.

We decided not to search for a camping spot, took advantage of a motel room, and tried out a good local steak restaurant. Too knackered to make it to the rodeo.
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