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Morton to Hood River

Back on track, we are on to Segments 3, 2 and 1 today, hoping to make it to Stevenson.

Lots of views of Mt Adams.

But progress is relatively slow as there are lots of track junctions, and we have to stop at each to decide which way to go.

But there are some beautiful stretches of trail through the forest where I really appreciate the quietness of the R100 as I roll along, smelling the trees and admiring the lushness of the forest.

Trout Lake Creek where we stopped for lunch.

The Natural Bridge.

And the Guler Ice Caves.

Where, if you're bald like me you should take note of the sign that says 'hard hats advised' so you don't come out with blood streaming down your head.

Then, 30 miles from Stevenson, on 1831 between 86 and 66, Stefan has to stuff it up big time (joking mate).

It's a tight track with lots of trees growing over the road, many cut back with a chainsaw. Stefan rounds a corner, fails to take into account how big his panniers are, and hooks one on a protruding branch (called a 'jillpoke' we are told, definition is here and sounds very apt). Over the bars and down like a sack of potatoes.

He's not looking good, right arm flopping around, in agony. No problems, I have a sat phone to call 911. Yeh right. No signal amongst the trees.

Won't bore you with all the details but finally got onto 911 through KTM990 rider Phil's Spot Tracker, then Thad and his family arrived with cell phone access. All stayed to help for several hours. Many, many thanks folks.

In the next hour we had firies, search and rescue, 2 types of cops, ambo's, and some other group we still don't know who or what they were, all arrived on the scene. Ambo's took Stefan off to Hood River.

I had to wait for a tow-truck to pick up Stefan's bike, which is when I realised the ambo's had taken my bag with my water, tent, sleeping bag, and bear spray. Wasn't looking forward to spending a night in the forest. Finally the tow truck arrived, loaded up, and I headed off as dusk approached.

Then made the decision to go to Hood River, without checking the map properly, turned left, powering down the tar, reached a Y junction, quickly followed by dirt and the biggest pot-holes I had seen so far. Not right...

By this time it is almost dark, try to check the GPS, it can't get signal in the tall trees, try to view the map, can't find my head-light, starting to panic, when a young lad appears in his pick-up truck. I stood in front of him, no way I was letting him past. Luckily he was heading to Hood River, so I sat on his tail all the way there. Never been so thankful as when I came over the ridge and saw the lights of Hood River below.

Get to the hospital, and there's Stefan sitting in the Emergency lounge, having been discharged. He 'only' has a dislocated shoulder and chipped humerus.

We retire to a local hotel for the night to ponder our next steps.
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