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Originally Posted by jimbowie View Post
So much for reliable sources and local weather prophets. You should know better than to trust weather men and especially the ones that ride motorcycles. Sorry about the bad weather but I know how it feels. As for the bags, I went with the Triumph brand and I am already wishing I would have followed my own advice and purchased the Zega Pros or Trax. Too late now, too much money tied up. Surely I will learn to like these. Just suffering a little buyer's remorse right now. I do hope the weather holds for you now. It looks good on TV. Ride safe.
Pretty hard to guess the weather. I have ridden in way worse, and at least, even when its raining, its warm in your part of the world. :)

I took a look online at the stock bags. They look pretty fricken good. I would think they will be great.

Weather going west looked pretty warm, so I headed North into the mountains. Supposed to be warm til I get high up, and then only cold when I am sleeping. Lets see if it works out that way. :)

Thanks, I will.
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