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Day 14 Sept 30 547 kms Santa Rosa NM to Colorado Springs, CO

This morning, after watching Texas getting soaked on the weather channel last night, I figured I should check out the weather on my intended route. I had kind of half figured that I would work my way to Las Vegas NV, then up 93 to Twin Falls Idaho, and work my way back to BC. The internet said hot in Vegas. Real hot, like 100 degree hot for the next few days.

So I loaded up and headed North for Colorado.

I headed up hwy 84 to Las Vegas NM ( not hot) had a bit of breakfast, and headed North on 25. Hwy 25 is mostly freeway and so I took it easy in the slow lane, enjoying the changing scenery.

I pulled into a place for gas, and noticed a bunch of guys, all wearing matching red coveralls and matching handcuffs and leg shackles, standing beside a green prison van, watching me as I got gas. I nodded in their direction….. and they just kept on staring at me and my bike. I needed to go inside the store, so I parked my bike, and had to walk past the van to get to the main door. As I walk by, this good sized fellow in red coveralls asks “What year is that FLH?” So I tell him and we get to talking bikes. Turns out he has a 1969 FLH which he tells me he is really looking forward to getting back on soon, as he is almost “Done with all this.” And holds up his handcuffs and smiles. We talked bikes for a bit more until his security detail told him it was time to get back in the van. (the rest of his group had been in the van and ready to go for a bit.) He seemed like a pretty nice guy, all things considered.

I didn`t ask what he was in for J

Inside was a restaurant and souvenir shop…. and…. old cars

I continued on my way north, stopping here and there for a look around.

At a rest area

I pulled into Walsenburg CO for gas, and took some time to look around.

Cool old courthouse

Cool old buildings

Cool old motorcycle

It was still pretty early when I pulled into Colorado Springs, but I was feeling pretty beat, so I grabbed a room and went down to hose off some of the road grime from riding in the rain.

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