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Originally Posted by skid=mark View Post
Well I hit it so hard I think my grandkids felt it. Felt like I got shot w/ a .44 magnum at point blank range whilst wearing a bullet proof vest... It was hard enough to convince me to buy additional chest protection.
That's an interesting issue. A good riding bud's turn came yesterday: he either bruised, cracked, or broke four, maybe five ribs in a tree-trunk-parallel-to-the-trail high speed getoff. According to the ER doc) He sustained the injury despite wearing armor. The armor, BTW, perhaps with the plaintiff's bar in mind, is almost universally called "Roost Protectors" by the maufacturers and vendors. They are not called "chest protectors" or anything else that would imply their usefulness for protecting the wearer from this sort of injury, so far as my very modest research yields.

Another friend found, after an extesive search, an ice hockey thingy that protected his ribs far better than any "roost protector" on the market, but it ain't all that convenient to riding a bike.

So the question is: anybody found one that protets ones ribs from hits from the side?
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