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Wink Thoughts on my first 500 km 2012 ural

I have just clocked up over 500 kilometers on my 2012 ural retro. So i have descided to pleasure you with my thoughts so far.
1. Speed: As its running in I have ran it at every speed up to 60 mph (100K) for a brief period with no problems.
2. Oil use, negligble less than 100 mls
3.Oil leaks, slight weep at sump, nipped the bolts up.
4. Ride, excelant nil issues, handled secondary road with nill worry issues
5 Handerling, Great. headshake at any speed .Nil nada, sore arms after ride.
6 Chair, my wife loves it and commented after a 250 klm trip that she was comfortable and relaxed.
7. Reserve, is Russain for shit 2 liters left, 10 mins down the road, filling up from fuel can.
8.Exhaust. Happy with the stock. found out if you lean over the bike to switch fuel tap, then right leg is able to cook itself on the hot pipe.
9. Will be carrying out an intrem service this week, to drain the nastys including oil filter. ( possibly anal but thats me)

Quick question Just put some 95 octain fuel in the beast and noticed an inprovment in throttle responce strait away. Any reason not to use this instead of 91 octain as suggested.

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