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Originally Posted by Snarky View Post
I have an FJ Cruiser, the hitch holds 500#. The factory receiver is bolted on the boxed cross member welded between the boxed frame. Mine is aftermarket because of my steel rear bumper, it's just bolted on the bottom of the frame on either side.I've carried an XT225 on a cheap pep boys carrier. It was fine, I never had a good enough one to try the Versys. The only ones I know that could have withstood it are the Versahaul carriers. Yeah, a full size touring bike is pretty much out of the question in his type of hauling method. For the same price as a Versahaul you can get a harborfreight trailer, and surprisingly, it's less risky.

Bottom line, if your bike is 500# or less, you can get away with using a GOOD carrier. If it's 400# or less you can get away with a shitty carrier. If it's more than 500#, get a trailer. This is assuming you have a Class III or greater receiver. Class IV and higher could probably hold the world.

For bike hauling, I have a 1500# capacity 5x8 trailer from TSC. You can get away with the Harborfreight stuff with some work (like adding the wheel bearing grease that they oddly dont come with).

Oh, and on these bikes carriers, if you can see them, you are always staring at them. It wasn't the hauler than made me paranoid, it was the straps.

For medium bikes.

For light bikes.

For heavy bikes.

For peace of mind (imo)

I also have an FJ cruiser and regularly haul my Husky 449 dirtbike. Does that easily. I build my own hitch hauler which was way overkill, using 6" steel channel and 2" 0.25" wall square tubing for the receiver part. I also built my own hitch that bolts where the factory hitch should be.

I wouldn't want to haul more than 400# with an FJ. It's wheelbase is so short that the front end gets pretty light with much more than that. I def would not haul two bikes on anything other than a full sized truck for that reason.

Plus trailers are WAY more handy, easier to load, more pleasant to have pulling, safer etc. I have a really nice 6X10 trailer but since i live in a city I have no place to park it so my buddy is enjoying it on loan.

If I were to build my own hauler again, I'd do the same serious steel hitch part but use aluminum channel instead of steel for weight.
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