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Originally Posted by indypup View Post
I've pulled my digital camera or cell phone out before and taken pictures or video of the vehicle and of them after being cut off and then having them slam on the brakes in front of me. It worked great because they knew I could identify them and I had evidence of the road rage incident taking place if they continued doing it. I've done this several times and they have all just moved on down the road and left me alone. I also slowed down and followed them when it happened on the interstate and they've sped up and moved on down the road...
The problem is that will not do shit. The LEOs have bigger fish to fry. You are on your own. Call the police for anything & see what happens.....They'll tell you to log onto their website & file a report.

I have never seen a state patrol car within 5 miles of my house ever until last Sunday afternoon. Then there are 4 of them zooming around like flies.....later found out one had high centered after tossing his car in a ditch about a half mile from my house. Those low berms are a bitch. They were all looking for their buddy that was in a "crash".

If I really needed a cop to show up quickly I would call 911 & say I shot one.
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