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after the 1st day on the kz, I have to say, its really a nice bike.
I need to find a set of 1" risers to bring the bars up a bit, but it rides alot better without the rib stickers that were on it before.

It goes twice as far on a tank of gas, and goes twice as fast also.

Im not too worried about the cops, as the bike isnt in my name, so unless they actually catch me, they wont know Im riding it

altho its not gonna outrun a motorola, even a Hiyabooska cant do that

Oddly enough I get alot of compliments on it, which surprises me.

I wish I had a place to cut the windshield down a few inches, but, oh well.

its so quiet, I put a stereo on it. It seems that a cop bike blasting Slayer isnt a real common thing around here, judging by some of the looks I get

Now I have to decide which route to take today......
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