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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
Interesting, your last posts were July 2010 in the tag thread. You dried up and went away and this brought you forth from your ADV sabbatical?
Yep, wanted to see what you guys were saying about the RR incident. I've lurked since July 2010, but didn't have much to add to the convo before today. This is unfortunate on all levels, and one we can all relate too. I agree with you MeefZah, good attorney and mouth shut is going to be the only defense. I also understand the law to be as buildit said . . .

Originally Posted by buildit View Post
Well, under Ohio law as it was explained to me unless you are in imminent danger you're not justified to shoot or shoot at someone no matter what they might have done just moments before. The second you are NOT in danger the justification ends because you should be escaping. So even if the pickup had tried for the last hour to run him over or had even hit him, the moment he turned and chased the pickup he was in the wrong. I defer the true legal analysis to the professionals.
Perfect - this didn't take long "Ohio Democrats introduce bill to effectively kill concealed carry in Ohio" - Obviously the proposed bill was in the works before today, but now they have fresh justification.
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