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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
DS bikes work better a slow to moderate pace. Race bikes work better at a fast pace.
i disagree completely.

imho, the lighter weight, better balance, and better suspension of a KTM make it work better at slow to moderate pace than a WRR, DRZ, etc.

in what way does a WRR (or DRZ or whatever) work better than an EXC at slow to moderate pace?

honestly, i don't get what anyone means when they say that. having ridden all these bikes at various paces in various types of terrain, i just don't understand how anyone can say that a heavier, less well balanced, worse suspended bike can work better anywhere.

need a subframe? yes. need (for some reason) 14k or 20k+ valve check intervals? yes. need high stator output from the stock stator? yes. need a more comfy stock seat? yes.

actually ride better under any conditions? nope. not even close.
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