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Originally Posted by bomber60015 View Post
The subject line sez it all -- the headliner in the Little Truck That Could (Y2K Nissan Frontier) is coming adrift . . . . is there anything short of complete removal and re-installation (by a pro, I have no desire to add this particular skill to my repetoir) that will re-adhere the thing to the truck?

I'm about half an inch away from just removing it altogether . . . . .

The headliner in my 1990 Nissan hatchback came unstuck from the foam backing and started drooping down.

Basically its an industrial strength cardboard/plastic panel with a thin layer of foam then vinyl or similar at the surface (the top? the bottom?!)

Replacing it involved removing the A pillar trims (two screws each), the interior light, easing back the edging around the door apertures and anything else around the edges that holds it in place, and lowering it and removing it from the vehicle. I replaced mine with a second hand liner from a wrecker, so I got to take two out and put one back in.

It's really not a difficult job, and even if you choose to try to fix yours, its much easier with it out of the car. Because the foam breaks down, if you try to add glue between the layers, you're just trying to stick bad foam to bad foam. Just put a second hand one from a wrecker in. Although a helper would have been useful, I managed everything alone, and in a single cab ute there's so little ceiling it would be a doddle.
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