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back in the day, when i was in the navy in 1979-80, we used to go to Subic Bay Naval Base in the Philippines regularly. there was a guy there in subic, Toby.... he was in all the harley chopper magazines back then. he had a boneyard outside of town full of WWII era military harleys and indians. from what i remember, it was real hip to have a Toby renovated hard tail..... he had a metric buttload of original parts for these old bikes.... he used to drive around Olongapo on this full faired, painted up, and dingleballed electraglide, looking like all the jeepneys.....just tried to google it, but couldn't find anything.... he's probably dead by now.... we went to his place once, w/a pretty good buzz on if i remember correctly.... he was proud to show you his scars, had some bike gang stab him about 10 times, probably did somebody a bad deal.... Mayor Gordon at the time got the navy to patch the guy back up, pretty ugly really.....

is this still known in the old bike world? probably a killer source of stuff if it is still there.... his place was like a museum....
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