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Originally Posted by MeefZah View Post
I believe Luke misread Scott's post, and I believe Scott's post was tongue in cheek and that he does not have any desire to shoot a cop; but that cops would respond quicker if they thought another cop was shot.

And it looks like Luke edited his post anyway so the only evidence is your quoted post...

Yeah, I would not shoot a cop, but I am saying if I really needed them to show up quickly I think that is how you would get the shortest response time.

However....I'm guessing they would be really aggresive and not very friendly when they show up................. Just saying.

I have thought of riding with my GoPro on all the time, but what would you do with photo eveidence? Do you think it would get acted upon? When people kill MC riders and it is 100% their fault they usually get a ticket for failure to yeild & nothing more. If you get photographic evidence of someone being an asshat what will that do? If someone causes you to wreck, but does not hit you, you will be the person at fault 100% of the time.

Deck not stacked in our favor at all. It does not help that many of the general public (and a bunch of LEOs too) think that we are getting what we asked for by riding our death machines.....Yes, a car pulled out in front of you....what did you expect? They do that. Almost 96% of the population does not ride.
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