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Originally Posted by thetourist View Post
You stated anecdotally that a 'camper was recently dragged from his tent and eaten'. Define 'recent', with the drama around bears that may have been 5-10 yrs ago. Lose the hyperbole and it was more likely that the bear was looking for food, opened the tent, screaming panicked camper, defensive bear, dead camper. Unlikely he was eaten.

There is a web site that details every bear attack in North America. My Google isn't working right now, or I would find and post. The gist of what I gleaned is that; 1) Attacks are few and far between, 1-2 deaths per yr in all of N America. 2) Many are provoked, directly or indirectly.

Bears will go to unbelievable lengths to get a tiny morsel of food. In Glacier Park, serious bear country, even water bottles are required to be stored away from camp.

Do what ever makes you feel safe.

Safety is an illusion. You are riding a motorcycle...danger, duh.

I live in Idaho, have worked in the woods. I carry no active defence for bears. By the time you see a bear, they are often to close to do anything if they did turn aggressive. Most are running as soon as they are aware of a human. Try not to surpise them. They do get preoccupied when feeding, so it is possible, while riding a quiet cycle, to round a corner and see a bear. I hammer the brakes and let them move off. That is usually at a dead run in the opposite direction. They are very fast.

I surprised a black bear a couple weeks ago. Rounded a corner onto a fair straight section. A bear about 50 yds away, casually walking down the road. He stands up, wheels around and bounds into the brush. I didn't even have time to brake. Fast. I rode up to the spot where he jumped off the low side of the road, but he was gone. He was probably out there watching me, smelling the cookies on my breath.
Here is the list of FATAL bear attacks up to 2010.
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