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Originally Posted by GordonFreeman View Post
I spend tons on the one armed bandits in moxxies and high spirit. After a few low yield win or a grenade, you win an exceptional gun or a load of eridium for carry upgrades. I've won both e guns and an orange legendary. Far better than buying Marcus crap and on par with some of the better hidden gun case finds.

I have yet to win an orange gun on the slots. Only got triple-Marcus once (purple rocket launcher), and a few triple-legs that gave some decent blue guns. I was farming Michael Mamaril for a while because he was giving up some pretty good blue guns but he's pretty much disappeared after a certain mission.

My friends and I gambled as a group. So every time we won Eridium it would be shared by everybody, got more for our money basically. I maxed out all the SDUs before I turned Level 22.

I had 8 golden keys so I ended up using one on the chest. Got a pretty good burst-fire purple sniper and a high damage/high ROF/low recoil purple SMG.

I just found out about a developer's chest in the Tundra map, gonna be farming that for more purple loot.
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