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Hi all,

Frst off, please mentally add a "Duh" in front of any of my posts or questions. Although I have ridden off road since I was 12, my 86 TT 225 has never needed anything but a chain and tires aside from regular maintenance so I've never had to tear into a bike to repair or rebuild. Knock on wood, it still starts on the second kick and i still enjoy it at 42 as much as i did at 16. My last street bike was an 82 Katana 750 back in 96. A serious injury at work kept me from driving or riding for quite a few years but here I am again!

Now, having played my get out of jail for dummies card, i just bought an 83 GL500 for $400 plus spare brake pads, plug wires; plugs and oil filters still sealed in their boxes. The engine turns over without any fuss but it doesn't start. This will be my winter project. My first thought is fuel delivery as it has sat in dry storage for years and has that lovely bad gas smell in the tank. It needs some attention but is complete so I'm optimistic that at best it needs a thorough cleaning and tune up, and at worst I have an excellent parts bike. I'm picking it up 3 days from now so will be sure to post pictures.

Let me say my apologies well in advance for all annoying, obvious, or just plain dumb questions that I'm sure to be asking. My goal is to get this bike ready for commutes to work as well as back roads touring and even camping. Given that, I'm open to suggestions, Ideas, and slaps to the back of the head if I start doing something idiotic.

My choice of the GL was largely influenced by members on this forum who have posted a wealth of information, ideas, and experiences. It seems a great bike to fit my intended uses and one sorted out, a reliable and inexpensive bike to maintain and enjoy so thank you to everyone who has posted on the twisted twins!

So, first question: How to tell the wife about what will be showing up in the workshop??
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