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Originally Posted by dyrtybyrd View Post
I'm old enough to remember Jim Stillwagon, the OSU football player. He wasn't just an average player, but a 2 time All American defensive lineman who played on the 1968 national championship team. In his senior year he was the Outland trophy winner, as well as the first Lombardi award recipient. He was also named defensive player of the year by UPI.

All that being said, I hope he gets fair, but not favorable treatment by the legal system. From the initial reports, his actions don't seem justified and if he's found guilty, will constitute yet another black mark on all of us who ride.
I've been trail riding with Jim in southern Ohio. A nice guy and an honor for me to be able to say that I rode with a - at one time - celebrity. Jim was a down-to-earth, normal guy - not the Superman that many people thought. I would venture to say that he has dealt with 'celebrity' in the past and understood how to deal with people that throw themselves at you - when you least feel like it.

Until the facts come out, I can only guess what happened. But I've got a gut feeling that the pick up truck driver was not coming home from church. Was the guy so smart he decided to take his bare fists to a gun fight? I would consider it a pretty solid statement to pistol-whip someone - kinda let you know just how close that gun is to you . . (if any of that happened. . .)

I've had a couple of run-ins with driver's who have pinched me off at 60mph - really close. I get pretty hot pretty fast. That's not me, but I can get 'there'.

I will say that 'the guy' must have jerked Jim's chain - and maybe Jim was having a bad day.

And I think he just wanted to make sure 'the guy' had a bad day too.
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