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Originally Posted by Jabba View Post
Tree straps have helped this issue quite a bit- I have not encountered any bans- but it does happen. Be sure you use straps and that if given the chance, educate the host or ranger about the difference this makes to the health of the trees. I believe FL state parks used to ban hammock camping, but lifted that ban after being educated about tree straps.
So....back in July I finished another run along the TET-s and TET from Florida to Maine. i was about 13 days on the road and in the hammock as i mentioned earlier in this thread.

I just got my camera back so i figured id post some photos and observations about the trip with a hammock and the gear.

the only place i came across an outright ban on hammock camping was in the Connecticut state parks. I was told the state officers would give me a $75 dollar fine with no warning issued. so the three days i was in Ct i camped in a private campground.

PYTHON STRAPS UPDATE. when i bought these things i thought they were great...but then one morning i saw this.....

i think that is enough damage to piss off a ranger...and maybe rightly so.
also they do stretch if they get wet overnight. i may go back to the the hennesy tree huggers of some combination of both...the extra length of the pythons is great though.

all in all the hammock was great....i treated it with permathin and no mossy issues at all. super comfy and i awoke refreshed every morning....always dry no matter how much rain....and comfy in the heat...or cold with my shorty underquilt

my first hammock stealth camp....

mile high campground outside Cherokee

cant wait for the next trip...................

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