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Originally Posted by astrolump View Post

PYTHON STRAPS UPDATE. when i bought these things i thought they were great...but then one morning i saw this.....

i think that is enough damage to piss off a ranger...and maybe rightly so.
also they do stretch if they get wet overnight. i may go back to the the hennesy tree huggers of some combination of both...the extra length of the pythons is great though.

That sucks. I see python straps are only 3/4" wide. Wonder if that same level of damage would have happened with 1" straps. 1/4" doesn't seem like a whole lot.

I've been using 1/2" straps on my backyard trees and see a little damage, but I am setting up at least once or twice a weekend on the same spots. Maybe the bark was soggy? Maybe more wraps around the tree would have helped?
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