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Originally Posted by BOB RAMSAY View Post
I've been trail riding with Jim in southern Ohio. A nice guy and an honor for me to be able to say that I rode with a - at one time - celebrity. Jim was a down-to-earth, normal guy - not the Superman that many people thought. I would venture to say that he has dealt with 'celebrity' in the past and understood how to deal with people that throw themselves at you - when you least feel like it.

Until the facts come out, I can only guess what happened. But I've got a gut feeling that the pick up truck driver was not coming home from church. Was the guy so smart he decided to take his bare fists to a gun fight? I would consider it a pretty solid statement to pistol-whip someone - kinda let you know just how close that gun is to you . . (if any of that happened. . .)

I've had a couple of run-ins with driver's who have pinched me off at 60mph - really close. I get pretty hot pretty fast. That's not me, but I can get 'there'.

I will say that 'the guy' must have jerked Jim's chain - and maybe Jim was having a bad day.

And I think he just wanted to make sure 'the guy' had a bad day too.

I have talked to a few that know him and they have all said he is a nice guy.

Yeah my GF asked how in the world does this sort of thing happen. I said if someone pulls a bonehead where I could have possibly died if it were not for my skills and years of seat time I get pretty mad. If I look at the driver and they look back and give me the "holy shit dude, I am totally sorry" look. I am usually pissed but I let it go kowing the guy was probably freaked out as much as I was. Shit happens, part of riding.

On the other hand, if I look at the guy and get flipped off or the hairy eyeball, like it is my is on like Donky Kong. I see red and want to pound his head into the pavement until the playdoh comes out. Fine line, but a line none the less.

I would assume most car drivers think....pull out in front of a car....pull out in front of a bike....same thing...who cares.
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