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Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
On the other hand, if I look at the guy and get flipped off or the hairy eyeball, like it is my is on like Donky Kong. I see red and want to pound his head into the pavement until the playdoh comes out. Fine line, but a line none the less.
I think we all feel that, but when you're a CCW holder you have to be smarter than your emotions. Once it could possibly be a confrontation - at that point where YOU decide whether to escalate things with words or actions, you have to shut that aggression off and leave. Because if you don't even if the shoot is justified (as in your life is in danger) your actions can and will be attacked as you looking to shoot someone (See: George Zimmerman)

You might be in the right, 100%, and you'll still pay $50,000 in legal fees, or worse sit in jail for 20 years for murder.

I've had several situations where someone was a royal cock to me, aggressive and pushy, I had to throw up my arms in "hey, no prob broseph, you win today" surrender and walk away. Carrying had BETTER make you a calm SOB, or you'll be sitting in a cell like former OSU-GS rider.

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