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Originally Posted by eheal6520 View Post
I really like your fuel cell and am considering it for my bike, but I have a cupple of questions.

Is it really necessary to drill the tank. Wouldn't it be easier (and in my case, safer) to tap into one of the fuel lines?

Where is the valve you "switch the fuel cell valve open" located? Why not leave it open all the time?
As MikeF responded you really do need to drill the tank and put in a fitting. If you were to install a "T" fitting into the return line you would have to use a fuel pump and have a one-way check valve to keep the fuel system from back filling the Aux tank.

The valve on this tank is mounted to a small sump in the left front corner of the cell (the lowest point on the tank. It is within easy reach with the left hand and out of the way from something catching on it and turning it on/off when not needed. Here is a picture of it:

I'm working on a 5 gallon cell that sits on a plate under the pillion seat right now. This other design will allow for a easy on/off to switch back to giving a passenger a ride between longer trips.

Thanks for the comments on the fuel cell and I will be making more.

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