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Certain barks - especially on some fir trees - have a very thick but soft bark that is easily compressed. I have found however, that it usually springs back after a few days **unless you hang a hammock from the same spot for several days**. You must also be careful about moving the strap - like sliding it while under tension, which will tear the bark.

Now, I have a strap question:

I've been using 11 mil climbing rope for the past 25 years or so, only switching to straps two years ago when I bought my Hennessy. Recently (because I had a coupon) I bought an ENO Doublenest along with a set of their Slap Straps for my daughter. The first time I used the straps, I felt that it was much better for setup than the Tree Huggers. I was going to order a set of their Atlas Straps to replace my Tree Huggers but based on the photo above, now I am not so sure.

Are there straps like the Slap Straps or the Atlas Straps (i.e., same principle) that are better/wider/better construction?
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