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Hey Doug, I have video of you, and you don't look happy. Thought about whether to add it in my video or not. I'll do my best to get it up here asap. Sorry to hear about the surgery, keep us posted.

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Cool video Sarah.

Did any of you who were behind me on SS2 get a shot of me lying at the side of the road? Just wondering.

Recovery from my crash is going to be long. Surgery took 6 hours or so of reconstructing most ligaments and cartilage. No bone damage or nerve damage. I should heal. Going to be a couple weeks in a drug induced fog then 6 to 9 months of pt. But I should be walking somewhat in 6-8 weeks. Right now all I can manage is hobbling to the bathroom on crutches a few time a day. Brain rather foggy. Hope sanity ... mine and my wife's... holds out.

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