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magazine fluff

Quit suscribing to 4 mags, just got to be too much fluff and similar content. When you test ride REPORT put the damn thing thru hell and beat the $#!+ out of it and find its limitations. And don't be afraid to piss off the manufacture and tell the truth in your opinion, not worry if they will let you demo the next new model because you didn't have something nice to say. Then after grabbing the bull by the horns and writing the complete REPORT for a few years I will faithfully start reading and suscribing to your rag and possible recommend your information. Also be a motorcyclist, not a cruiser guy, or adventure guy, dirt or tourer. Judge a bike by its own merits not your three piece comparos where one is $xx,xxx.xx to $x,xxx.xx and the other last years model. Besides there is more info on forums like this than any bike rag and also really good travel info and tips, plus good places to eat (with pics in some cases). Who needs magazines. ( one thing though, when one of my bikes makes the cover for bike of the year, yeah I do buy that one. My little piece of vanity.)
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