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Called to talk with the doc man today about my meds and possible side effects and ended up with an unexpected trip up to his office in Baltimore. It appears he was a bit concerned about the potential for infection. Well at the end of it all things seem ok but he went ahead and started me on a course of antibiotics. When I got there it was swollen up pretty darn big which concerned them until I explained to them that I had a 2.5 hour car ride, meaning that it had not been elevated. So we took some more X-rays and verified everything was still in place and it was. So only a few things left to do, one of which is to make me climb the walls. I am not one of those who believe in better living through chemistry so I am a bit light on using the pain meds. Ok now with that said doc man grabs my foot and starts squeezing the excess fluid out through the various holes.....HOLY SHIT!!!! I was in need of some pain meds and wanted them NOW!!!!

It's taken several hours and some more meds to get the pain and swelling back under control. I have new bandages and boot which will help a lot in keeping the wound clean and working my joints a bit. It will still be quite some time until it is weight bearing again, doc man was pretty clear about that.

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