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I've had one of each, a 2004 Pilot (I only owned it from 72,000 miles to 75,000 miles before selling it on) and a 2008 MDX I owned from new to 26,000 miles, when I traded it to the first owner of the Pilot (a co-worker) for the Pilot plus a lot of cash - I only needed an occasional car in that location and the Pilot was fine for the purpose. No problems with either one. I don't have kids, I had them as all-around snow country SUV's in Park City. I never had the third row up in either one, but the new owners of both (and the first owner of the Pilot) both use them all the time. They're great soccer-mom-mobiles.

My only issue with the Pilot was road noise, which is unfortunately a Honda affliction, I've got the same issue with my 2011 Ridgeline, which is basically a long wheelbase Pilot pickup. The MDX was quieter; mine is the newer generation than the ones you're looking at. The mileage on both was around 18-19 mpg (better than the Ridgeline, where I'm at 16-17).

Great cars for the purpose; I think the MDX is one of the best, most underrated SUV's available today. I'd buy another one in a second, you get a lot for the money.
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