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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
all this says to me is that you've never ridden in California and have never needed to lane split.
no one ever *needs* to lane split.

I've been riding almost every single day in Los Angeles for the past 10 years and I can tell you, without question that 95% of the time if I leave when the light turns green, the cars haven't even cleared the crosswalk.
if you have cut back in front of the lead car, that proves nothing. the lead car can't begin to go until you are out of the way. so, obviously, the cars will not have cleared the crosswalk until after you are already gone.

(but, it sounds to me like you do not move back in front of the lead car. in that case, as i have said before, no problem. but, i don't think that is what the OP was talking about.)

You have no idea how much safer it is for bikes to make their way to the front.
yes i do. but i choose to ride a motorcycle. thus, i choose to put myself in additional danger relative to driving a car. thus, it is i, and not others, who should bear the downside of that choice. forcing others to be inconvenienced to accommodate my choice would be lame.

and if you have never ridden in California, or lane split, why are you critiquing people that do? I certainly don't give Tuba lessons.....

if someone asked "is it OK for me to go play my tuba next to someone's window?" you could probably answer "No" even though you don't play a tuba.

at any rate, as i mentioned above. if your definition of "lane splitting" does not involve cutting back in line after skipping past people, then what i'm saying doesn't apply. but the version of "lane splitting" or "filtering" or, really, "skipping line" that happens (from time to time, not a lot) around here does involve cutting back in line.

you can justify it however you want, but the bottom line is that going around people who are in a line and then cutting into the front of the line is skipping line. it means everyone else in the line has to wait a bit longer. that's the way lines...all

also, as i said before, if it is just one bike and you are on the ball, it probably does not mean a car that would have made it through the light won't get through the light. but, if it does end up meaning a car that would have gotten through the light does not, then you are being a selfish a-hole.

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