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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
I don't understand how you are coming up with these answers with zero experience.
again, as i have explained a couple times, i am not commenting on what you described.

i am commenting based on what i see people doing from time to time around here (not what you describe...but, rather, going past the line of cars and then moving back over in front of the lead car).

and, more relevantly, in response to the actual wording of the OP:

Is it ok to filter thru when reaching an intersection to be in front and not trapped in between cars (who are checking Facebook, answering calls and returning txts)?
to me, that sounds like what i have witnessed (moving back over in front of the lead car), not what you are describing (creating another line rather than moving back to the front of the existing line), but maybe i misunderstood what the OP was envisioning.

anyway, i think i've made myself clear and i'm just repeating myself, so i'm done.
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