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Originally Posted by Todd Miller View Post
Ann Marie

Thank you so much for attending the trials event and even better yet writing what was a wonderful article about your visit to WV. I was one of the checkers, organizers and a life long resident of Grafton WV. I as well am relatively new to trials having only been riding and competing for about 3 yrs. I just this year moved up to the intermediate line. I checked section 2 on sat-sun. So far the response has been great regarding the event. I appreciate the honesty regarding both the good and not so good about the event. We have already began talking about how to make the event better for next year. Yes we have the go ahead to have it in the same location next year. Please try to attend again. The comments about the checkers is well taken and we as well recognize the need to have 2 at each section and try to either educate or get more experienced checkers for next year. Also we did listen to some about the need to shorten the number of gates for the more advanced riders. All of your comments very on point and we will listen to all very seriously. I was so impressed to find out that a lot of you came so far to this event. I know when you do and spent that much time and money to get here you deserve a great event. i promise an even better event next year. SEE YA THERE.

Todd Miller
Todd, YOU BET we'll see you there next year! it was more than worth the 9 hour drive. we had a fantastic time, and enjoyed it VERY much.

We thought the checkers did very well, and all were obviously giving us their very best effort at all times. the positive attitude through it all, even when riders were being unreasonable, was so appreciated by the rest of us. THANK YOU.

Your CD obviously put his heart into this event, and it was a joy to see.

i did pass along a suggestion to the TI gurus -- if at the start you had an extra pair of each gate type, with a
# on it -- ie NOVICE = 3, ADVANCE = 7 -- where the # indicated how many more class specific gates were inside the section, it would help riders and checkers alike.

PS: todd, hope to see you at some of the other upcoming TI events!
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