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While packing up in the morning the ranger came around. Uh, oh. How is this going to go? She was pretty nice, but was not very pleased with us. She said this had not happened before. The look on her face was pretty funny. She obviously thought we were a couple of idiots. She was pretty much correct there. She gave us the address to mail in a check and went on her way. I hope her day went better.
We didn't get a very early start to begin with and had to wait for a pilot car for construction on the road out of the campground, so by the time we hit the highway it was 9:30. That's ok were only going as far as Medford. We stopped in Crescent City for breakfast at Good Harvest Cafe. We had just missed the breakfast cutoff, so we had lunch instead. Hans had fish and chips and I had the fish tacos. Pretty good food reasonably priced. My tacos came with soup and salad. I had clam chowder and it was really yummy. We checked the map and decided to tak 199 to 238 and on to Medford.
There was a little traffic on 199, but just as we were getting the good part there was a passing lane. Just when we thought we were home free, a guy pulled out and got the hole shot. What a jerk! Hans got up behind the guy and I could tell he was raring to go. I told him to just let the guy go. He seemed to be getting on the gas and we weren't in any big hurry. It turned out the guy really cooked along. He was going at a nice spirited pace. I bet he drives that road every day and hates getting stuck behind the "baggers" like us.
The cutoff for 238 came up and we found that it was a nice country road traveling through a beautiful valley. Usually we have our iPods on and we use the intercom for navigation and random comments, but the whole way down the valley we chatted away about random stuff. For about 45 minutes, the whole world melted away and it was just me and Hans and the view out of our helmets. This doesn't suck!
Pulling into any motorcycle shop when you're on the road is always interesting. Generally the bikes are dirty, we are dirty, and there are weird things hanging off your bike (in my case a pair of socks and bike shorts were hanging out to dry). Hansens was no different. Two pristine 1200GS's parked out front and another pulled in behind us. My KTM was looking a bit out of place. I love it! We went in and chatted a bit with Craig, the owner. He was really nice and as helpful as he could be. He told us that maybe the starter could be pulled and they could measure how much clutch was left, that may not indicate how long we could go though. We were really resigned at this point to just taking some back roads and getting home. We thanked him for his time and headed down the road to Ashland.
We got a hotel and inquired about tickets for Shakespeare. Henry V at 8:00. Time to get cleaned up and grab some dinner. We went to the Black Sheep Pub. Hans had a salad and a pasty. I had the steak. MUCH better than Mountain House! New York Steak with garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed kale and mushrooms, and fried leeks. The steak was a bit over done, but it was amazing. Who knew fried leeks were so good? I cleaned my plate and washed it down with a lemon drop that was wonderfully heavy on the vodka. Off to see pillaging and romance!
The play was quite entertaining. I am not a Shakespeare fan. I have nothing against it, I just don't go out of my way for it. I do like plays, but don't usually make any efforts to go to them either. We should go more often. I had a really good time. I do not know why live people on a stage seems so much better than a movie, but there seems to be a better sense of satisfaction with a play. ...but i digress. The play was good, nothing spectacular but a real nice production. One of the actors is Howie Seago, who is deaf. He had an "interpreter" on stage who spoke his parts. It was a somewhat distracting, but interesting part of the play. I didn't really understand it until I looked it up just now.
We had a nightcap at the pub on the way back to the hotel and settled in for a nice comfy sleep on a nice soft bed.

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