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budget $200-300

Hey Greasy Rider,
hmmm $200-300. I'm thinking of going with the Oxford heated grips. They're about $80. Much cheaper than the factory ones.
The ironbutt web site has the old Widder heated vests (if they have your size) for $65 or $75 plus $19 for the controller. Throw in a CrampBuster for under $10 and your close to your $200 buget.
Do you have a rainsuit? I was a ways from home and left a friends house late. The temps dropped fast, so I put on my rainsuit. I was still cold, so I stopped at a store and bought a newspaper. I crumbled that up for insulation and had an hour ride home without freezing my butt off.
You can do what others have done and extend the handguards up higher with cut and bent plastic.
How about a poor man's heated gear ? I just bought 40 pairs of hand wamers from COSTCO for $15.
If you have to crack your faceshield open to keep it from fogging up, you may want to put some pretoleum jelly on your cheeks or nose. If all that doesn't keep you warm, stop at every rest area and do pushups. I've been know to drop and do 15 pushups during breaks at meetings when the air conditioning makes it too cold. Eating foods to keeps your metabolism up helps also. Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit carried away, lol.
I appreciated everyones input on the heated gear. If I get a good xmas bonus this year, I'll buy a good heated jacket liner and heated gloves. :-) I haven't had heated gear and from what everyone says, it sounds like the way to go.
It all kind of depends on what you already have or can borrow from friends.
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