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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post

i bet a mid 80's mb 300d (turbo) could easily approach 30mpg and towing a bike or 2 with minor tweaking...then you could travel in style. best highway car ever.
Those MBZs didn't get as good as you'd think. At least the 5cyl 2.5 NA Diesel in 190D only returned 30 on the hwy unloaded and the Turbo doesn't help mileage any.

My 280E (Gasoline) only got 18mpg towing an XR on a harbor freight trailer. The low MPG was the main driver for to switch over to a pickup truck (well that and I blew the motor).

I think 30mpg and towing at highway speeds is still just a dream.

I still think a tall geared 2wd 6cyl truck or a maybe a van would return the best mileage
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