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I honestly can not thank everyone enough for all the advice that has come pouring in. I am back now and am working on compiling the pics and thought together for a ride report. I didnt get in as many pics as I would have liked, or see as much as I wanted to either, but one of the purposes of the trip was to get me out of my own head and to go explore(to the extent I could, time allotting) a part of the country that I have never been to. It was a great trip. I used alot of the advice posted on here like, taking Advil with breakfast and dinner, OH MAN huge help!! Today(monday oct 1st) was my first day back and I was totally wiped out today and sore. My hands and body feel stiff. I am sure it will go away in a few more days.

The book was No Easy Day. I have not read The Heart and the Fist. I will have to look into it. As far as Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, well I have been reading that on and off for a while now. In fact I was thinking and analyzing how everything works and is inter-related just as Robert Pirsig talks about during my ride, sort of like how he talks about on the trip with his son. I too know just about every nut and bolt on my bike so it gave the ride sort of a more intimate feel knowing that my machine and I had been through a lot of man hours and new parts which culminated in this trip, a first of many together. In total I rode 2,571 miles. That was a good bit on 'bonding' time together!

I can honestly say that I feel different(better) and much more seasoned(as a rider) with everything that my trip offered up. Truely life changing. I loved it.

Stay tuned to the ride report. I will post a link to it on this thread once I am done! Thank you again to everyone, you helped to make my journey great and something that I will never forget!
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