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Originally Posted by Spark01 View Post
The extra pockets in the base plate didn't help (maybe a small life time extension) i replaced the base plate last week just in case and found cracks on both side at the D-zus back plates.
And i had the same problem as you with the temp sensor(holes to big and no screws delivered).
Lucky i have a small collection of stainless steel bolts in my garage

But i don't like the new routing of the crank case breather, as i still have the 2nd valve motor inplace.
The hose is pushing against the front injector connector and the connectors of the 2nd valve motor.
So i removed the hose and sealled the hole with a bolt and 2 washer with some rubber seallant inbetween.
And ordered a small crankcase breather filter to put on the hose.

i think this also will help for lowering the intake temp some degrees. because the warm fumes from the crankcase will no longer enter in the airfilter.
So you made an extra pocket on the old baseplate, but it didn't help (too much), and you reaplaced it with the updated baseplate now and then you found more cracks in the old one when removing it? (just to be sure before I order it that there are no more issues with the new one)
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