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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
If I find myself out after dark in the rain (which is often in the Winter months here in Oregon) I will filter to the front for safety reasons. I have never had a problem with LEO's or other road users.

In the daylight people seem to get pissed off.

Always be ready to split lanes to escape.
I had some guy go all road ragey on me when I lane split in the rain with passenger in tow. Took the guy over a mile to get up next to me where he yelled some nonsense about legality, waiting my turn and fairness. He then proceeded to try and run me off the road with his dually. I wish I didn't have my FF helmet on so that he could see me laughing my ass off at his idiocy as well as the irony of his rant about fairness and legality when attempted vehicular homicide is far more egregious of an act than lane splitting will ever be . Luckily we caught another red light and, thanks to lane splitting, he quickly went away.
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