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Originally Posted by dryden_rider_54 View Post
A trip I want to do one day with my wife. Like how you are adjusting and going with the flow. Our way to travel also.

In for the duration
yup gotta be freestyle
thanks for coming along

on to day 09 (Wednesday September 19th)

The weather report for the day called for showers but as we looked outside it seemed the road was merely damp, there was no rain falling & it even seemed to be clearing.... cool

our idea is to head up the St. Gotthard Pass and then down into Andermatt. Since that isn't very far we can do a loop over the Furka, and either the Grimsel and Susten, or the other way over the Nufenen.

We gas up & head up the valley from Biasca towards Airolo. We take the old pass (the one w/ the cobblestones)... very different. I think we are both happy it isn't raining, but it really isn't that bad.

Looking back down on Airolo

Michelle after the "tremolo"

I told her the old joke about two women on bicycles riding through Rome....

woman 1: I've never come this way before.
woman 2: it's the cobblestones...
she laughed anyway.. not sure why she puts up with me.

The climb is pretty "all inclusive". In other words you have a lot to pay attention to, and the wind was whipping up, so I appologize for the lack of snaps going up. When we got to the top we were in the clouds. It was a lot to see my hand in front of my face, and of course the rain was back. Bugger! Well, no traffic so we tip-toed down the other side and into Andermatt.

By now it is only maybe 11:00 or so. We decide to stop at Andermatt, maybe get a room, and see what the rest of the day holds. The Aurora seems like the right place. We have stayed here before.

Nice rooms / checking the maps and deciding what do do after lunch

WE decide that it seems to be clearing & we came to ride so.... off we go up the Furka. On the way up solid fog / cloud & chilly. On the other side we are greeted by:


all that rain from earlier on its way to the sea

down the other side

and into the valley. the Grimsel pass climbs the mountain on the far right.

bike drying time

last time we were here we didn't stop, we kept on to Andermatt. This time we have loads of time, so we get touristy. for CHF 17 each we can go out & look at the glacier.. sounds good.

the "free" view

it is amazing to think that 125 years ago the glacier looked more like this:

the view back to the car park

the paid view

the source of the Rhone River

path building technique mirrors the roads in the mountains.

getting nearer

more of the crazy little rock piles we have seen. I used to think they were something from native American culture like totems to ancestors, but I guess they are a global thing.

heading down

we couldn't quite figure out the "tent" at a distance, but upon reaching the glacier we realize it's a tunnel. the Swiss are BIG on tunnels!

fluorescent light

strike a pose

heading back up. the rocks are all rubbed as smooth as glass.

searching for a piece of Switzerland to bring home

taking in the view

so, what do you think? keep riding?

OK, but lets get some water for the road

Down the valley we turn south and head for the Nufenen Pass. It is chilly, but the sun is out, and life is grand.

Top of the Nufenen

Back side of Nufenen

It seems they decided to try a "slab" approach to paving on the back side of the Nufenen. I have to say I wasn't a fan. the expansion cracks are regularly right where I placed my front wheel in corners... I modified my lines, and all was fine.

Getting ready to keep cracking on

we end up back in Airolo and take the "other" bit of the St Gotthard avoiding the cobbles this time. the wind is really whipping up now, so it is full concentration. I figure that's OK though, the wind will have driven the cloud off. Wrong.. this is why I am not a weatherman.... Same zero visibility descent into Andermatt. *sigh*

That's OK though. We put the bikes away, get cleaned up, and head over to Restaurant Hotel / Drei K霵ige und Post.
it's hunting season so hunters specials are on the menu

what a great day.

the day in maps

part one, the trip to Andermatt

part two, up to see the glacier

part three, the loop over the Nufenen and back over the St Gotthard

tomorrow is our last day

thanks for reading
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