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Originally Posted by browneye View Post
Yeah, same thoughts, but thanks for saying it. I was going to comment on the generally dour attitude. Like, why?

It didn't appear that anyone was bashing the beamer anyway. Really, like who cares? Right?
Not sure if this troll comment was directed at me. Haven't been around long enough to know all the history. I wasn't bashing anyone or anything. If pointing out my observations and first impressions of a bike I am seriously considering owning is considered bashing then so be it. I have great respect for Triumph as a company, as they have taken care of me so far. I like how Triumph deals with their customers and I think they make sexy bikes.

Anyway - my point was that I really did like the Tiger but I was surprised the 93 hp felt like it did when compared to my KLR which has fewer than half that many ponies. One responder pointed out this perceived power issue is due partly to the number of cylinders. I didn't know that - so I keep coming back here because I always learn something.
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