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Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
The gearing changes really don't have much effect on range I find, I'm at 16/47 and still get the damn near same as I did with stock and there's no comparing the 2 fun wise.
Its incorrect to associate lower rpm's at speed with better mileage. Its just an assumption, completely unsubstantiated, and a reflection of the posters misunderstanding of how motors work. If this were true, every vehicle would be geared to idle for cruise... Motor efficiency is a function of several factors, rpm being only a small part, torque curve being the biggest.

Since you have your bike geared to where your riding right in the meat of the LC8's torque, your mpg is no worse.

I personally found that running 16/45 slightly boosted my typical range over what I got when I first got my bike. Now typically getting the light around 180-190 miles, and running big fat 175 main jets to boot.
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