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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
The OP said it is illegal to filter in "moving" traffic in Texas. Does anyone know if it is OK once the cars have stopped at a traffic light? There would still be some risk of being illegal should the cars begin moving while you are filtering, I suppose.
Nope. Neither are legal in Texas. (However, in Houston, DFW, Austin, San Antonio you will see many people do it with pretty much no outward signs that it bothers anyone.)

Changes to the law to make both legal have been presented at the last two state legislative sessions, and both times the bill in question never made it to the main house floor for a vote. Something about education and the state budget being more important. The bill is set to be introduced again next summer. Hopefully it gains some more ground this time. That is one bad thing about Texas politics, legislative sessions meet once every TWO years, and then only for a few weeks. Makes it very hard to get bills passes/repealed when there is no time to talk about them in sub-committees, committees, house and senate.
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