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Originally Posted by gregdee View Post
Anyway - my point was that I really did like the Tiger but I was surprised the 93 hp felt like it did when compared to my KLR which has fewer than half that many ponies. One responder pointed out this perceived power issue is due partly to the number of cylinders. I didn't know that - so I keep coming back here because I always learn something.
Funny, that is exactly the move I made, from a '09 KLR to a '12 Tiger 800XC, and maybe I had a dude of a KLR, but for me the difference was quite inspiring. On the KLR, I have Givi side luggage, double bubble screen, and well, it had to deal with a 270-280 lbs, 54" chest fat bastard on top of it. IOW, I don't exactly has a stealthy wind profile

The Tiger, stock, except for factory panniers, but the same fat bastard on top.

For me, the KLR would only do about 80-85 mph, as long as there is not a head wind. And anything beyond 75-78 mph the engine would start to consume oil. Riding on an interstate or faster back road where somewhat stressful. Basically passing on a back road would often take an act of congress to accomplish on the KLR.

Where the Tiger, eck, just throttle up. Significantly less stressful, and significantly more confidence inspiring. Heck, for that matter, I will also add, when riding on the interstate, beyond just being able to keep up with 80-85 mph traffic, the Tiger is also a lot more stable in the wind blast of transport trucks.

As far as the riding engine, suspension, instrumentation, and so on, hands down, you can immediately know where the extra $6,000 went!

Taking the KLR up to AK was decent, and the KLR was proved to be a good mount, well other than having to feed it a bit of oil with the extended durations above 75mph. But there compromises, and there where a few times where 75-80 mph was not safe. Up on the Alcan, there where a few transport trucks doing 75-90. Being passed by transport truck doing 85 is not the most fun thing in the world I'll tell ya!

When I go back on the Tiger, I doubt I will have those issues
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