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been a while since I fooled with a balast resistor, but ya, nicrome wire in ceramic is the way I remember it. so.... 2-3 amps of coil current and a 2 volt drop across the resistor is 4-6 watts. not all that much heat.

yes, I had a couple trucks with a dual post battery... we even had a company up here that made them. we also used to tap a screw into the cell connector between 3rd & 4th cells to run the gauges. pretty much everything else was easy enough to convert. I even had a positive ground GMC truck once
Back in the day when the first OHV V-8s came out, they were all 6 volt. The old hemi Chryslers especially had cranking problems. We fixed a lot of them with what was sold as an ABCO Automatic Battery. It was a 12 volt battery that was split into two 6 volt halves, and had a couple of relays mounted on the terminals. You ran a wire to the starter relay to activate the battery relays when the starter was engaged, they connected the two 6 volt sections in series, and the engine cranked on 12 volts. When the key was released, the sections were re-connected in parallel, and the car ran and charged the battery on 6 volts.

BTW, 6 volt Fords were positive ground.
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