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These things happen most often because the wall is percieved to not be in the trajectory of a crashing motorcycle. Then they learn maybe it is.

There used to be a wall on the inside of turn 2 at pit out Laguna Seca. A young rising star went into a tank slapper as he stood his GSX-R up exiting the turn and was tragically killed when he hit that wall on the inside.

On the back stretch at Barber there is a little left/right kink (t9/10) with a sand trap outside t9. There appears to be plenty of room outside of t10 before the fence. Couple football fields as I recall. #2 son went off t9, through the sand trap, across the track again past t10 and sailed off across the grass. It was obvious to me he couldn't get the bike stopped when he slipped off the side and let it go. It made the fence and so did he, but barely. I was standing along that fence and never dreamed a bike could get there.

Nobody really knows where these machines might end up. A bump or something mechanical can send them anywhere. They'll get that track sorted. They seem to be quite responsible that way.

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Yeah, but in Hayden´s case the wall is right outside the run-off area. Kato really crashed in a very bizarre place, Hayden went off where it is relatively common to go off the track.

They just had not taken into account, that somebody could venture that far with the bike upright. In fact the airfence would have probably solved the whole thing, absorbed so much energy, that Hayden would not have been catapulted upwards.

Sometimes it would help their cause, if they (Dorna) admitted to having made a mistake, I think. But it just never happens, according to them they´ve never made one single mistake.
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