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Originally Posted by Terrytori View Post
There in lay the joke.

If you're power obsessed, I'm not sure what you're doing straddling a U.S. / Canadian market 250 or 300
in the first place.

I'm betting that the 300 will be an all round better package but not significantly so.

The strength of both versions is that they check a whole lot of boxes in the motorcycle fun experience.

Power isn't one of those boxes..
The appeal of a smaller/less powerful bike is it's handeling/flickability but, it must have "enough power" to not be dangerous on a highway. More power is always better (IMO) even if you're not obsessed with power. No one can accuse me of being obsessed with power, I ride a KLR & love it! However, I would NOT be interested in a 125 Ninja no mater how well it handeled. The N300 may only do 105 MPH but if it has enough "punch" up to 105, I could see it being more fun than a ZX-14 in anything but a drag race.
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